Burned Out Betty Mini – Accent Nail – Unicorns Poop Glitter

Burned Out Betty Mini – Accent Nail


Burned Out Betty Mini – Accent Nail


A tongue-in-cheek (smoke in mouth) take on the traditional cigarette holder, the Burned Out Betty Mini Accent Nail is a unique must-have accessory for any smoker fashionista or Acid Betty fan.  A small representation of Acid, the hand-sculpted pink mouth (with matching lip ring) holds a standard cigarette or whatever you can fit in there!  She won’t mind…  #belikebetty

If you really want to show your love for fashion and #TeamAcidBetty, buy the whole matching set!  Click here.

Or take it to the next level with the seriously long and sparkly Burned Out Betty Accent Nail.



What you get: 

  • A single full-cover acrylic false accent nail – for one finger.
  • Each nail is custom hand-painted, drilled, and sculpted by a professional nail artist and sealed by a shiny and strong UV gel topcoat.   
  • Features White High Gloss Polish with a Burned Out/Cracked Black Top, Bright Pink 3D Acrylic Sculpted Lips with Gold Lip Ring, and Gold Spikes. 
  • A modern take on the traditional Cigarette Holder. Can hold an average size cigarette.
  • Shown here with long and sexy stiletto shape – Perfect for photo shoots, events, or when you just want your nails to be the center of attention.  Other shapes available. 
  • Painted in the USA and shipped from the USA – which means you get them much faster!
  • Unique in every way, no one will have nails like you.

Please note: This is a stock photo of a previously sold item. Your item will be made of identical colors and elements but slight variations might exist due to the handmade nature of the product.

The nails shown in the photos represent what I can do and should be treated as suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to let me know how you want your nails custom designed.

All you need is any sort of nail glue* (found at your local drugstore or beauty supply) or you can use double-sided nail tip tape/ sticky tabs* for a quick reusable solution (also available at your local beauty supply). *Glue and tape not included.

SIZES 14mm-18mm (wide) AVAILABLE – Measure Your Nails



Additional information

Nail Size

14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm


Almond, Coffin/Ballerina, Stiletto

Nail Length

Princess, Empress, Queen


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